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Take Care of You!

On your journey to finding & accomplishing your purpose, you must take care of you.  Take care of both your physical & spiritual health.  Take time to enjoy the journey.  The saddest thing would be to arrive at your purpose only to learn you cannot complete or enjoy it.  You are important.  Your purpose is important.  Some one somewhere needs you to fulfill your purpose.

Like it or not, we are all connected.  What you do does not only affect you.  It affects those around you and to some degree those around your immediate circle.  Actions have a tendency to have a ripple effect.

Take one day a week to rest, recharge and enjoy your family.  At least once a year detox your body.  At least once a quarter go on a full, partial or juice fast.  Before fasting, make sure to check with your doctor.  Fasting gives your body rest from the breaking down & digesting foods and allows your body to focus on the elimination process. Take time to meditate daily.

You are important & you are here for a purpose.  Time is a commodity which cannot be replaced.  Once a moment is gone, it is gone forever!  Enjoy your moments, enjoy your life and take time to stop and smell the roses!

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