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Keeping Yourself Motivated

Keeping yourself motivated as you journey towards achieving your dreams, goals and destiny can be very daunting.  But it can be done.

You will find on this journey that you and you alone may be your only cheerleader at  times.  Don’t lose heart or get upset.  Remember that it is your dreams not theirs.  Although, others may start out with you, they may not remain.  You may begin to hear talk of quitting for your own good.   Bless them; they believe in many instances that they have your best interest at heart.  They want to save you from what they believe to be imminent failure.  Avoid these thoughtful people as much as possible.   If they cannot be avoided because they are members of your family, then chose very carefully what you share with them as it pertains to your dreams.  Everyone is not meant to be apart of your dreams, goals or destiny.

Here are some tips for keeping yourself motivated through the hard times..

  • Write encouraging statements on index cards and read them daily
  • Type in bold big letters your favorite positive thoughts, frame them, and place them around your home and office.
  • Choose a song that motivates you and make it your theme song for the journey.  Play it daily to help keep you moving forward.
  • Surround yourself with people of like mind.
  • Don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake or have a setback- it is part of the process and now you know what not to do.

It is important to listen to those who give constructive advice.  It is destructive to listen to naysayers who don’t believe in your journey.



Comments on: "Keeping Yourself Motivated" (6)

  1. Great read William! I have a song that I’ve been playing for about 2 weeks now and it always gets the juices flowing and blood pumping “I got a feeling”, by the Black Eyed Peas! I have also decided to un-involve folks that are not quite as happy for me or supportive as I need. I will definitely start putting up some inspiration around the office–thanks for the tip! Tonight’s gonna be a good night….

  2. Great Motivation!! Love the blog! Keep up the good words! We can all use it every now and then and in our daily lives. Thanks!

  3. Great motivational words! We can all use them every now and then and also in our daily lives! Keep up the great words! Great blog!

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