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Online Communities You May Want To Join!

2012 was a great year for me information wise.  I was privileged to participate in quite a few free online webinars and seminars.  They all provided useful information but some stood out more than others.

There were 2 in particular which stood out for me and I suggest if they are offered in 2013 you check them out.

The first was a writing seminar for would be transformation writers which started in late May.  In a nutshell, for about 10 days,  at the basic level, free webinars were provided for participants twice per day which had great content.  There was also a writing contest for those at a paid level which gave instructions on how to write a book proposal.  The winner  received the following:

*Personal review of your book proposal by Marc Allen, President
and Publisher of New World Library (Eckhart Tolle’s publisher) and be
considered for a traditional publishing contract

*Publishing packages with Balboa Press (a division of Hay House
Publishing), including visibility at all Hay House “I Can Do it
Conferences”, and more

*Guaranteed agency representation with Bill Gladstone – literary
agent for Neale Donald Walsch and Eckhart Tolle

The information I received at the basic level was beyond my wildest imagination.  I believe, the seminar is offered yearly.  2012 was the first year I participated and I am looking for to participating in 2013.  If your dream is to become an author and you are not sure how to begin or you need some help moving forward, Christine Kloser’s “Transformation Author” seminar may be just what you needed.  Check the community on facebook:

The second online seminar which stood out for me in 2012 was a list building seminar.  This was a 90-day list building challenge call “List-a-Palooza”.  Over a period of 90-days, participants:

* Learn the #1 Way to Get Potential Clients
Interested in Your Services

* Get Absolute CLARITY as to How Social Media
Strategies Fit Into Your Overall Marketing Plan…
and How to MONETIZE Them

* Discover a Step-by-Step System for How to Attract
More Clients to Your Business… Without Working

My only regret was that I was not able to take full advantage of this event.   2012 was the first year “List-a-Palooza” was offered and I hope it is offered in 2013.  The information offered on the free webinars was outstanding!  Even though I was not able to fully participate, I was able to more than double my twitter following and increase my social media presence.  This is another fantastic community.  Get a free report while supplies last  “Here’s a great resource for jumpstarting your e-mail list”:  also check them out on facebook:

If you want to know how to increase your list size or how social media can benefit your business then you should check out P J Van Hulle’s “List-a-Palooza”.

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