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Over the next few posts, were are going to take a closer look at the idea that “Your thoughts can become your reality”.

Based on the above statement, it is evident that anyone who wants to achieve success in life, should be very careful of his or her thoughts.  The attitude of gratitude helps with this!   How you may ask?  Good question!

In a state of gratitude, it is difficult if not impossible to be negative.  Being negative has the effect of keeping the good things desired from appearing.  It is a belief that every mood & emotion has a vibration and this vibration attracts into ones life the corresponding event.

With this in mind, it is very important that the vibration being sent out into the world is a positive one.  Gratitude helps with this.  Being grateful for everything in your life will bring more things for you to be grateful about.  Likewise, being negative will bring more things for you to be negative about.   What a cycle!  Pause & think about that for a moment!

It is not always easy to be grateful but cultivating this habit will result in great rewards.  Being grateful reminds us not to sweat the small stuff.  It allows the beauty of life to shine through.


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