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Action Equals Results

The third major component in achieving your dreams is taking action!  Too often, people talk themselves out of pursuing their dreams due to the negative conversations in their head.  Without action, failure is assured!

If you think successfully, you will speak successfully, and  take actions which lead to success.  I once heard someone say, “Victories are first won in the mind” and thought to myself, how true!  If you can see the victory in your mind, the way to achieve it will be revealed to you.

Inaction is usually justified, by saying “The time is not right”  or “I am not qualified” but in most cases if one waits for ideal circumstances, starting may never happen.  Please keep the following in mind, “You most start, in order to finish!”  You will never accomplish your goals if you do not take action.  They cannot achieve themselves.

As you make a habit of taking action, you will develop a winner’s mindset- an attitude of can do & will do.    Affirmations are a tool you can use to help you develop a winner’s mindset.  Start declaring on a daily bases the success you want to achieve.   Begin associating with people going in the same direction you are and who have similar goal.  These are just some ideas of how to reprogram yourself for success.  For more, check out our two previous posts, “The Attitude of Gratitude” and “Abundant Thinking”.  Also check out our books “ABC’s For Reaching Your Goals” and “ABC’s for Achieving a Winner’s Mindset” both have concise tips based on universal principles.


Comments on: "Action Equals Results" (2)

  1. I just wrote a similar post about this. The reason that too many people don’t believe in the law of attraction is because they are not using it correctly. They see it as thinking about what you want, and having it appear out of nowhere. The law of attraction is nothing like this. You must first declare what you want, think about, and work for it. Without hard work, you will get nowhere. I also use affirmations everyday to go along with my hard work.

    • Keri,
      Thanks for taking the time to read my post & leave a comment.
      I totally agree with you. Work/action is a vital component in the law of attraction. I have seen people say they are believing for something & when it shows up they do nothing & then wonder why more things are not showing up. I have found that the more you take action, the more opportunities are presented for you to act upon.

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