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Have you every stopped and imagined what your life would be like without, Amazon, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft, Apple, & WordPress just to name a few?  Think about it for a moment.   How would the lack of any one of them affect  your life, your business?  What if those who started these businesses allowed fear to stop or delay them and they were not available today?  What would that mean for you , your life, and your business?

I can say for me, it would have a profound effect.  I would not be able to do what I do, without many of them and other modern technologies.  Each Company represents a gift someone shared with the world.  What gift are you not sharing?  Someone may be waiting on you, to share your gift, so they can express their gift.

You may say what I have to share is already out there.  Maybe so, but not done as only you can!  When people give me the excuse that someone has already done it, I like to remind them that “Famous Amos did not invent the chocolate chip cookie”.  He put his spin on it and made his own version.  The same applies to your gift.  Only you can give the world your spin on it.

Please share your thoughts.

Comments on: "Is Someone Waiting On You?" (10)

  1. Totally agree with you Sharron, with this blogging business we are part of it. A big part.

    Thanks for sharing and encouraging 🙂

  2. It doesn’t matter is someone has already done what you’re trying to do. You just need to put your own unique style and personality into the product and/or company. Look at McDonald’s and Burger King, WalMart and Target, Ross and TJ Maxx, Ben and Jerry’s and Haagen Daz. I know it doesn’t stop me. 🙂

  3. Sharron, the other way I have been trained to look at this is… a whole bunch of people don’t want to move ahead because they have their own set of fears. When they hear your story and see your successes, they identify with you and feel empowered to give it a go. Solely because they identify with your story. My mentor says that we owe it to them to be a success!

  4. You are right about social media and the entire internet for that matter changing or lives. And I totally agree about having unique gifts. Someone may have had a similar thought but our unique combination of experiences makes it totally unique and maybe the very thing someone needed to hear today.

    Love your writing style. Keep walking that path with faith.

    Life Balance coach + down-to-earth energy healer
    Get 10 steps to living the happy, healthy and successful life of your dreams @

  5. Totally agree with you, I just started a blog and was feeling down for having no readers I actually came to your blog through simplebloggingnetworks and this post as somehow encoraging

    thank you

    • Lexie,
      I am so glad you found the post & it was encouraging. Keep doing what you are doing & those who need you will find you. Comments like yours help keep me motivated. Thanks for sharing. To build your tribe, you may want to checkout another challenge starting soon. Click here for details-(I usually only share this with members of my tribe/community, who have opted in & shared their email by clicking the “Think & Grow Rich” image.)

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