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In a word focus!  What you focus on is what materializes into your life. Most people unfortunately, spend most of their day focusing on what they don’t want  in their lives instead of what they do want in their lives.  When I discovered that bit of knowledge, it empowered me.

I realized that by changing the thoughts I pondered daily, I would change my life.  Wow!  Now it was not easy in the beginning,  I  struggled to not worry about the issues I was facing and instead focus on the end result I wanted.  I began paying close attention to the thoughts I allowed to enter my mind and whenever a negative thought appeared, I tried not to mull it over and to replace it quickly with the positive outcome I wanted.

Slowly I began to see changes.  Positive things began happening more & more in my life.  My thoughts are less negative and when a negative thought shows up, I instinctively change it to a positive one.  I also feel less stressed.  Focusing on the positive, is bringing more positive things into my life.

So, how has your focus  affected your life?  Please share.

Comments on: "Why Am I Attracting The Things I Don’t Want?" (10)

  1. You are so very right. What we focus on is what becomes our reality. When you go so many years focusing on the negative, it can be hard to switch over to the positive, but it’s not impossible. It’s almost like rewiring the brain. I’ve learned that I need to stay positive and focus on what I really want.

  2. Since what we focus on expands, I focus on what I want and take then inspired action.

    Rachel recently posted The 16 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful People

  3. Yes what we focus on is what we bring to us. Great point and thanks for the reminder.

  4. Get rid of the stinking thinking and everything turns out better!

  5. As Napoleon Hill puts it, “Thoughts become things” and the Bible advises us to form the vision and write it plain. Make sure you know where you want to end up, and keep reminding yourself of it.
    Think on these things (which you want for yourself) and do what it takes to get there. Good thoughts for reflection, William.

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