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You Never Know What Is Possible

You never know what is possible until you try is my biggest take away from my participation in the 30-day “Simple Blogging Network” challenge.   Before participating, I did not know it was possible for me to write more than 3 posts per month.   I now know differently.    

Another take way is the knowledge I have gained from reading some fantastic & informative post.  Everyday I learnt something new. 

Stretching myself has been fun & enlightening. By stepping out of my comfort zone,  I have once again learnt, that anything is possible if you try.

Have you learnt anything from this challenge?  Please share.


Comments on: "You Never Know What Is Possible!" (6)

  1. agnesknowles said:

    I have learned as much about myself as I have learned from other people posts, Sharron. What a great exercise this has been and I would recommend a challenge in a heartbeat for any new undertaking! Might as well jump right in!!

  2. I agree that anything is possible. I love that you learned so much in the challenge. I always love participating in blog challenges. Sometimes I post daily, sometimes I don’t. But I always meet cool people and grow in so many ways.

  3. This blog challenge was definitely what I needed. I won’t be blogging everyday now, but I will be blogging on a schedule. I love the wonderful people I’ve met in this challenge. I learned that it’s always beneficial to challenge myself, and I need a challenge to grow and learn.

    • Keri I could not agree more. I have learnt so much from the amazing people I’ve met. As a result of the challenge, I will be blogging more! Thanks for stopping by & sharing.

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