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Advice From An Expert-John Assaraf (pt2 Vision Boards)

In part1, John shared about the importance of setting goals and gave tips on how to achieve them.  In this video, John discusses vision boards and just how powerful a visualization tool it can be.

Do you use vision boards to help you visualize your goals?  If yes, please share what you think of them.

Advice From An Expert- John Assaraf (pt1 Achieving Goals)

In this video, John Assaraf shares tips on how to achieve your goals.  I think you will find his tips useful.

So, do you have any tips  you use to achieve your goals?  Please share.

Anything Is Possible If You Believe!

Anything is possible if you believe” is a quote I have heard most of my life.  However, many times the ones who made the statement had limits.  Anything was possible but a miraculous healing.  Anything was possible but favor in a certain situation.  Anything was possible except winning a lottery or sweepstakes.

Now I think the skeptics meant well.  They wanted to prevent disappointment if the desire did not manifest.  The flaw with their thinking were the documented reports of these things happening.  The skeptics usually responded by saying  the individuals who experienced these things were special.  The fact is they were not special, they just chose to believe that it was possible & by doing so attracted their desire.

Lately I have been receiving emails about how to win the lottery with “xyz’s”  proven system.  This happens each time the Powerball or Mega Millions jackpots are large.  So I decided to investigate whether anyone has attracted a large sum of money using the law of attraction.  My results are below.

Cynthia Stafford: Never Give Up

How I Manifested Winning the Lottery

Click here  to read more stories of individuals who said they used the law of attraction to win large sums of money.  One was trying to win $500.00 & won $128,000.  Another won 2 million and a third won 33 million.

The more I study the law of attraction, the more I am convinced, that “Anything is possible if you believe!”

So do you think it is  possible to achieve anything using the law of attraction?  Please share.

Fired, Foreclosed, Entrepreneur

Fired, Foreclosed, Entrepreneur

What do those three words have in common?  They describe someone who inspires me.  A lady whose story I began to realize  can be the story of many in this economy, who refuse to give up.   Technology, when used correctly can be of great value.  The internet has made it possible for anyone to become an entrepreneur with very little initial financial investment.

So back to the story which inspired this post.  The lady in the story Bev lost her job, found another, then in one day learnt her hours were cut drastically  and even though she supplemented her income by selling various items, it was not enough.  She lost her home to foreclosure & found herself in a shelter with $10.00 in her pocket.

Bev had the spirit of an entrepreneur & instead of feeling sorry for herself, she decided to take charge of her life & her destiny.  She decided to become her own boss.  So how did she do it you may ask.  Good question!  She found her grandmother’s cornbread recipe, developed a website using the computers at the public library  & got her message out to local news outlets.  She has been featured on 11-alive News, Clark Howard, and Fox News to name a few.

Now the journey has not been easy but Bev has not given up.  She has revamped her business model,  tweaked her website, developed new products and is still going strong.  When you are lucky enough to find your passion, you will keep going even when things get tough.

Belief in yourself & your dreams will keep you going when you feel like giving up.  There are many individuals with dreams in their heart which they have yet to pursue.  They are waiting for a perfect moment.  For everything to be just right.  News flash, if you wait for things to be perfect, you may never start.  Put your Idea to paper, make a plan and get started.  If Bev can go after her dreams from a shelter with $10.00 in her pocket & her grandmother’s cornbread recipe, what is stopping you?

Has someone or something inspired you to pursue your dreams?  Please share.

To learn more about Bev and her business  click here

To learn more about how foreclosures are sold click here

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