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Your Elevator Pitch

If someone were to ask you what you did for a living, could you explain it in the time it took an elevator to travel one floor?

  An often overlooked yet vital business skill is the ability to explain what your business is about in the time it takes an elevator to travel one floor.  Being able to give someone a clear picture of your business quickly is important because many times you only have a few minuets to convince someone you have what they need.  This is referred to as an elevator pitch.

  In a nutshell, an elevator pitch is a generic term for the ability to give a concise description of the products/services offered by your business in about 40 words or less.

The purpose of an elevator pitch, is to provide enough information to entice the hearer to want to learn more.

When developing your pitch, answer the following questions:

1) What does your company do?

2)  Who benefits from your product/service?

3) What are the benefits?

4) What makes your product/service different & better?

The order of how each appears in the pitch is not important but all should be present and presented in a clear cohesive manner.

It is very important to know your business well because you must be able to answer any questions which may be asked after you have given your pitch.  It would be terrible to give a great pitch and then stumble over any questions which may follow.

When drafting your elevator pitch, you may want to start with a question.  You might say “Did you know….? “( then follow with how your business solves the problem or fills the need).   Example, “Did you know, if cats do not exercise daily they are more likely to suffer from depression?  My company, “X” offers the only low cost, rechargable, moterized toys which keeps cats engaged & moving, which keeps them healthy”.

For more elevator pitch examples click here (they also offer an elevator pitch creator).

Do you have an elevator pitch?  If yes, please share how you have used it in your business.

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