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Being grateful for the small stuff will signal the universe to bring the big stuff.  I am constantly being amazed at just how much the universe wants to bring you your desire, if you will let it.  The trick is to not despise the small beginnings and rejoice at every manifestation.

If you ask the universe for more money and you find a penny five minuets later, be grateful.  The penny is the first installment.  Thank the universe and keep on the look out for opportunities for more money to come into your life.

If you  reject the penny, you are telling the universe you really did not want more money.   By picking up the penny, you are a penny richer than you were before, and by rejoicing, you are telling the universe you are grateful for the increase.

If you get an inspired idea, jot it done and start working on it as soon as possible.

Remember, ask for what you want-be specific and leave how it manifests to the universe.  Celebrate the small stuff & watch the big stuff manifest!

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