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What Is Occupying Your Space?

Purpose Is something occupying space in your life that the thing you desire should occupy?  Too often we seek new things for our lives but refuse to make room for them.  We think that when it comes, then we will make room.  The problem with that rationale is we are running the risk of our desire never showing up.

For example, if you want to meet your soulmate, you must have room for him or her in your life.  If a Mr. or Ms. Wrong is occupying your space, a Mr. or Ms. Right will not know you are seeking them.  If you want success in life but occupy your time doing unsuccessful things, success will not know you are seeking it.

Instead of having the space occupied with something you don’t want, focus on preparing for what you do want and keep the space empty so your desire can show up when the time is right.

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