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Feelings Are The Key To Manifesting


butterfly and flowerThe more I study “The Law of Attraction” or as I like to call it, “The Law of Manifestation”, it is clear that experiencing the feeling of already having the thing you desire is an important key to it manifesting into your life.

The statement “fake it till you make it” is an attempt to verbalize that idea.  Unfortunately, some people took that phrase as a license to live above their means and incur debt.

Teachers of manifestation whether they focus on affirmations, visualization or both, all have a “feel like” it is already yours, component.  With affirmation, we are told to say them in the present tense as if we already possess the thing we desire.  With visualizations, we are told to see ourselves already with the thing we desire and to feel the feeling of the wish achieved.

If you have never had the thing you desire, it may be difficult to know what it would feel like to have it.  To accomplish this, I have found, it is best not to focus on the thing desired itself but to focus on the benefit of having it.  Most people say they want more money than they currently have. What they want is the security they think having more money would bring them.  Someone else may want a new car.  The new car they believe will be reliable, safe, and a joy to drive.  In each example, the thing desired represented a feeling the individual wished to have- security, reliability, and safety.  So as you are creating your affirmations or your visualization scenes, remember to focus more on the feeling you wish to experience than the specific thing you think will give it to you.

You still must be laser clear on what you want but don’t focus on how to accomplish it.  Just focus on how you will feel once you achieved it.










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