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Did The Packaging Fool You?

sad person with caseDid the packaging fool you?  Did the answer you have been waiting for show up, and you missed it because the packaging fooled you?  It showed up in a packaging different than you expected.

Did the person with your answer not look smart enough or hip enough?  Did your soulmate arrive not tall enough, thin enough or attractive enough?  Did the answer to your health issue not arrive with a stethoscope or white jacket?  Did the answer to your business problem show up not wearing a suite, without a degree or having an entourage?

So often we miss the answer to our prayers because we have a preconceived notion of what the answer should look like.  Sometimes we are polite and may pretend to listen, while other times we reject the messenger and the message before it is heard.

What if we tried putting aside our thoughts on what the answer should look like or how it should arrive and decided to allow the Universe to bring it to us, the best way possible, despite the packaging?  I think this would allow us to better evaluate the information and decide if it answers our prayers.  What do you think?

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