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Advice from an Expert – Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey shares with us on something all successful people must do to succeed in life.

Have you jumped lately?



Advice From An Expert -Michael Losier

Defining Your Goals is the first step to achieving them.  As we begin a new year, and make resolutions, it is important for our goals to be clearly defined.  In the video below, a panel of trainers demonstrate how to clarify your goals, through contrast, in a process that should take about 7-minutes. Start video at 17:46

Clarifying goals


Advice from an Expert-Helene Hadsell

This lady knows how to manifest her desires.  It is said, she has manifested over 5,000 items-one of which was a house!  She shares her secret in this video.

I am incline to agree with Miss Helen that everyone who is seeking to manifest his dreams should make “S.P.E.C.” a part of his vocabulary.  What do you think?

Our “Inspired Possibilities Journal” may be the perfect tool to assist, you as you make “S.P.E.C.” a part of your vocabulary. Click here for information.

Advice from an Expert-Sean Stephenson, “The Power of a Clear Vision”

This is the first month of a new year,  a time when resolutions are made, & goals are set.   This inspirational video illustrates how dreams do come true if you have a clear vision of what you want, believe you can  have it and set a plan to achieve it.


Do you have a comment about the video or the importance of having a clear vision for your life.  Please share.


Advice from an Expert- Brian Tracy “Setting Goals”

In this video, Brian Tracy shares 5 myths about setting goals.

With the new year quickly approaching, have you set any goals and developed a plan to achieve them?  Do you believe that setting goals and creating a plan to achieve them are key elements in being successful?  Please share.

Advice form an Expert- Brian Tracy, “You Become What You Think About”

Based on the advice from Brian Tracy, we should be thinking about the solution and not the problem because our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.  By focusing on the solution, we become clear about what we want and can set  goals to achieve them.

Do you agree that controlling our thoughts is very important to attracting and achieving our goals?  Please share.

Advice from the Experts-The Power of An Attitude of Gratitude

As Thanksgiving draws near, there has been  more and more conversations on gratitude.  Having a daily attitude of gratitude, has  the potential to  attract into our lives all we desire, yet many times we  focus on our lack instead.  Listen to what two experts  say on the subject, Brian Tracy and Oprah Winfrey.

To help me develop my attitude of gratitude, each morning before leaving my bed, I give thanks for waking and throughout the day I try to remember to say thank you for all the wonderful things that show up that day.

How do you practice an attitude of gratitude?  Please share and have a safe & happy Thanksgiving!

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