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Advice from an Expert – Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey shares with us on something all successful people must do to succeed in life.

Have you jumped lately?


Food For Thought – Life

When you reflect on your life, do you say “Wow, look at the life I have built” or do you say “Wow, what happened to my life.  How did I get here?”  The following video may give you some new insights about this journey we call LIFE, & how to make the most of it..

Are you building the life of your dreams?

Motivational Moment – Believe in You & Your Dreams


Do you believe?

Did The Packaging Fool You?

sad person with caseDid the packaging fool you?  Did the answer you have been waiting for show up, and you missed it because the packaging fooled you?  It showed up in a packaging different than you expected.

Did the person with your answer not look smart enough or hip enough?  Did your soulmate arrive not tall enough, thin enough or attractive enough?  Did the answer to your health issue not arrive with a stethoscope or white jacket?  Did the answer to your business problem show up not wearing a suite, without a degree or having an entourage?

So often we miss the answer to our prayers because we have a preconceived notion of what the answer should look like.  Sometimes we are polite and may pretend to listen, while other times we reject the messenger and the message before it is heard.

What if we tried putting aside our thoughts on what the answer should look like or how it should arrive and decided to allow the Universe to bring it to us, the best way possible, despite the packaging?  I think this would allow us to better evaluate the information and decide if it answers our prayers.  What do you think?

To Achieve Your Goals, What Are You Willing To Change or Give Up?

never too lateUnfortunately, change requires you to give up one thing for something else.   To achieve something new, you must be willing to give up something you currently possess.   You may have to give time, money, or something else.  Not wanting to change is the reason I believe most people do not go after or achieve their dreams.  They want something new but are not willing to change.   They want new results using old methods.

They may want to start a business but are not willing to spend the time or money needed to make it a success.  They may want a soulmate but will not work on themselves to attract the person.  Thy may want to lose weight but do not want to exercise or give up their current eating habits.  They have not accepted the concept; that change requires them to change.  That to get something new, they must be willing to give up something old.

The something old may be, the way they think, their attitude, their current habits, money they spend elsewhere, leisure time, just to name a few.

The simple truth is, no matter what it is, to achieve your goals, you must change.  If you keep doing what you are currently doing, you will get the same results.  Change requires changing something.

The change does not have to be drastic or unpleasant. What you change or give up, however, must be appropriate for the goal you want to achieve.  As we begin a new year, what are you willing to give up this year to achieve your goals?













Meditation & Journaling

the momentJournaling and meditation are a dynamic duo in my opinion.   The time you spend meditating may drastically reduce the time you spend stressing about things in your life.  It is during your quiet times that it is possible to get answers to every situation in your life.  Your quiet times make it easier for you to hear the still small voice of God.

Add journaling to your meditation and you have a powerful combination for success. Many times during my quiet times, I have gotten ideas, answers to questions and solution to situations.  Until I began keeping a record of the insights given to me during these times, I often forgot them once the time ended.  Journaling makes it possible for me to reference when answers came, how long it took to implement an idea, and it also provides a place to keep information on my inspired ideas until I can complete them.

I must confess, I do forget to journal sometimes, but I am working on it.  Do you journal, and has it been beneficial?


Feelings Are The Key To Manifesting


butterfly and flowerThe more I study “The Law of Attraction” or as I like to call it, “The Law of Manifestation”, it is clear that experiencing the feeling of already having the thing you desire is an important key to it manifesting into your life.

The statement “fake it till you make it” is an attempt to verbalize that idea.  Unfortunately, some people took that phrase as a license to live above their means and incur debt.

Teachers of manifestation whether they focus on affirmations, visualization or both, all have a “feel like” it is already yours, component.  With affirmation, we are told to say them in the present tense as if we already possess the thing we desire.  With visualizations, we are told to see ourselves already with the thing we desire and to feel the feeling of the wish achieved.

If you have never had the thing you desire, it may be difficult to know what it would feel like to have it.  To accomplish this, I have found, it is best not to focus on the thing desired itself but to focus on the benefit of having it.  Most people say they want more money than they currently have. What they want is the security they think having more money would bring them.  Someone else may want a new car.  The new car they believe will be reliable, safe, and a joy to drive.  In each example, the thing desired represented a feeling the individual wished to have- security, reliability, and safety.  So as you are creating your affirmations or your visualization scenes, remember to focus more on the feeling you wish to experience than the specific thing you think will give it to you.

You still must be laser clear on what you want but don’t focus on how to accomplish it.  Just focus on how you will feel once you achieved it.










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