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Goals & An Action Plan

office-76Achieving your goals with an action plan.  

To achieve anything in life, you must take action.  The previous statement seems obvious, but many people fail to achieve their goals because they failed to take action.  Often times, they are waiting on things to be perfect or they put their goals on hold to help others achieve theirs.  There is nothing wrong in helping others achieve their goals, if it does not prevent you from achieving yours.

Putting your goals to paper, is the first step to achieving them.  It seems that writing down your goals and reviewing them daily, makes it more likely you will pursue them.  Your written goals gives you a benchmark to aid in your decision making process.  Whenever you have a decision to make, if your goals are written, it is likely that you will consider how your actions will affect you achieving a specific goal.

But if you only write down your goals, and never develop any steps to achieve them, chances are you won’t.  That is why an action plan is important.

Simply put, an action plan is a strategic series of steps you need to take to move you toward your goals instead of away from them.  For each goal, write one or two things you can do now.   It may be making a call, doing research, starting a new program, taking a class, adding a new positive habit or eliminating negative influences, just to name a few.  Then once they are completed, you write new steps until you achieve your goal.

Every journey begins with a first step and each small action you take toward your goals will lead you closer to achieving them.

Take Action!

One of the main differences between successful people and unsuccessful people, is successful people have the habit of taking action!  Even if doing so is difficult!  But they don’t just take any action, they take thoughtful action.  For each of their goals, successful people develop an action step.  This action step is designed to move them toward achieving that specific goal and ultimately their dream.

Procrastination is a major dream killer.  Sometimes the excuse for not taking action is planning. The individual spends time planning for every possible outcome and therefore never takes action.  Please keep in mind, if you wait on things to be perfect, you will never take action.  Instead, develop your plan.  As you are developing your plan, do consider the various outcomes, make any needed adjustments, then get started.

If you never get started, you will never finish!

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