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I Do My Affirmations & Visualizations But Nothing Changes, Why?

When I learnt I could attract the life I wanted and it was not dependent on others, I was excited!  I was told to use affirmations and visualizations, as tools in my effort for change.  I did but nothing happened.  I  became frustrated till I learnt emotions were a key element in the process.

You see, emotions have a vibration which the universe picks up and acts upon.  Therefore, when I visualized my affirmations, I needed to also feel the corresponding emotion.  This was not as easy as it sounds.

While I could visualize with ease what I wanted, feeling like I already had it was difficult.  It was difficult because I felt I was lying to myself-something I try my best not to do.  So as a result, nothing changed.

Not being the kind of person who gives up, I kept doing my affirmations and visualizations as I did more research.  The more I researched, the more it became clear, emotions were the missing piece.  I had to feel the emotion of the wish fulfilled without any resistance.  How was I going to get myself to believe that something I wanted had already happened for me?

For me, meditation was the key.  I discovered that when I meditated, I became relaxed, and entered a dream like state which made it possible for me to rewire my mind, with no resistance, into accepting my affirmations as already completed.

Once I was able to successfully include my emotions in the process, thing started to change.

What has been your experience using affirmations and visualizations?  Please share.

The Law of Attraction

On your journey to fulfilling you purpose, the Law of Attraction is a helpful tool.  The movie “The Secret” was based on this law.  Basically, it says, what you focus on daily will eventually become your reality.  This explains why so many people are stuck in situations they do not like.  They are stuck there because instead of focusing on the solution they desire, they focus on the problem they are facing.

To some the “Law of Attraction”  may seem magical but it is not.   It is a principle that has been used by many to achieve great things.  The wonderful thing about the law of attraction is, it is available to anyone who wishes to use & benefit from it.  It does not matter if you are old or young, male or female, the law will work for you  if you apply the principle.

So how does the law work you may ask?  Great question! In a nut shell, those who practice the law of attraction, have clear defined goals.  This is important because the goals become the positive focus.   Daily, an individual will spend time visualizing him or her self achieving each  goal.

Various tools such as vision boards, digital vision boards, affirmations, meditation & subliminal audio or videos are used.  These tools are helpful because they evoke  multiple senses which helps make achieving the goal seem more real and its attainment rapid.  The universe is quick to bring you all good things you believe you deserve & just as quick to keep from you what you criticize  or fear.

Change your thinking & change your life!  For more tools and information on this topic, visit our Law of Attraction page-click here.

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