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I Do My Affirmations & Visualizations But Nothing Changes, Why?

When I learnt I could attract the life I wanted and it was not dependent on others, I was excited!  I was told to use affirmations and visualizations, as tools in my effort for change.  I did but nothing happened.  I  became frustrated till I learnt emotions were a key element in the process.

You see, emotions have a vibration which the universe picks up and acts upon.  Therefore, when I visualized my affirmations, I needed to also feel the corresponding emotion.  This was not as easy as it sounds.

While I could visualize with ease what I wanted, feeling like I already had it was difficult.  It was difficult because I felt I was lying to myself-something I try my best not to do.  So as a result, nothing changed.

Not being the kind of person who gives up, I kept doing my affirmations and visualizations as I did more research.  The more I researched, the more it became clear, emotions were the missing piece.  I had to feel the emotion of the wish fulfilled without any resistance.  How was I going to get myself to believe that something I wanted had already happened for me?

For me, meditation was the key.  I discovered that when I meditated, I became relaxed, and entered a dream like state which made it possible for me to rewire my mind, with no resistance, into accepting my affirmations as already completed.

Once I was able to successfully include my emotions in the process, thing started to change.

What has been your experience using affirmations and visualizations?  Please share.

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