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Advice from an Expert – Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey shares with us on something all successful people must do to succeed in life.

Have you jumped lately?


Food For Thought – Life

When you reflect on your life, do you say “Wow, look at the life I have built” or do you say “Wow, what happened to my life.  How did I get here?”  The following video may give you some new insights about this journey we call LIFE, & how to make the most of it..

Are you building the life of your dreams?

Motivational Moment – Believe in You & Your Dreams


Do you believe?

You Found Your Purpose, Now What!

It is time to plan, plan, plan.   Discovering your reason for being can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time.  Having a plan helps to keep you focused and is your guide when decisions have to be made.  Each decision will be evaluated against the big picture-outlined in your plan,  to determine if  the option will aid in the achievement of the ultimate goal or will it hinder it.

Whether it is a vision/purpose for your business or your personal life, a plan is a helpful tool.  For a business, you would create a business plan & for your personal life, you wold create a vision board.  The plan should list the smaller goals you wish to achieve on your journey to attaining your life’s purpose.

For me a vision for your life or your business is equal to the purpose for you or your business.  A goal is the smaller step  needed to achieve your purpose.  Setting goals helps make attaining you purpose more manageable.

So how do you develop a plan you may ask?  Examine your vision/purpose  and ask yourself what are the steps needed to get there.  Once you determine the steps, you now have your goals.  For each step/goal, develop an action plan for achieving it.

For example, if you want to get healthy, and then help others to do the same, your first goal may be to find a program that works for you.  If you could not find one then you may consider developing one based on your current knowledge.  Once you have the program, your next step/goal would be to work it until you became healthy.  After reaching your goal of being healthy, next goal would be to develop a program to help others.  A vision board is a great tool to help motivate & keep you on your journey.  Putting your goals & visions/purpose to paper, in some form, makes it more likely to be achieved.

Please keep in mind that along your journey to realizing your purpose, you may need to re-examine your goals & make any needed adjustments to ensure they are moving you in the direction you want.

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Finding & Doing Your Purpose

When you find your purpose in life, then the fun begins.  When you find your purpose, you will make a difference in some ones life.  How do you find your purpose you may ask?  Great question.  What is the thing you do that makes your heart leap for joy at the thought of doing it.   What is the thing that you start at 7:00am and it is 9:00pm before you realize you have not eaten all day.

The thing which brings you this joy may not be the thing your family thinks is what you should be doing but keep in mind that it is your life.  You will be the person doing it day after day.  Isn’t it better to wake every morning doing the thing which makes your heart sing than doing something that makes your heart cry.

Once you find your purpose, the things you need to accomplish it tends to follow.  I remember when I was starting my first business.  I kept postponing till I thought everything was perfect.  The last thing I needed was stationary.  I was frustrated because this was before you were able to create them on your computer.  Something within me said move forward anyway, you can resolve it later.

I moved forward and about  two weeks after doing so, a stationary company sent me a catalog asking for my business!  Too often we wait for everything to be perfect before moving ahead with our dreams and as a result, never get started.    Not realizing that if we start, the things we need will find us.  That is how the universe works.  It wants you to succeed and will do everything it can to help you but it will not do for you what you can do for yourself.

After I started pursuing my dream of becoming a published author, my brother saw my success and now has published his own cookbook.  A friend who also had publishing a book as a goal has told me she is gathering her notes.

If you never start, you will never finish and the individuals watching you may never be inspired to go after their dreams.

Find what makes your heart leap with joy(legally of course), then do it.  You only have one life to live,  so live it with joy & passion.  When you take your last breath you don’t want to have regrets.  Just excitement at what new wonderful adventure awaits you and a feeling of well done, my good and faithful servant!

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