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Learn to Trust Your Gut!

Many years ago my mother gave me the best advice I have ever gotten.  In essence, she told me to trust my gut/intuition.  She said if I did, it would always lead me in the direction I needed to go.


Trusting ones gut or intuition seems to come easier for some than for others.  It is a skill which is refined with use.  Knowing when that sinking feeling in your stomach is guidance and not an upset stomach does require some learning.  As you act, you begin to learn the difference.


I have found that as I act on my gut/intuition, if a sense of peace shows up, it usually signals I am on the correct path.  If unease shows up or intensifies, it usually signals I am on the wrong path.


Learn to trust your gut!  It is a gift given, by the universe, to help you successfully navigate the unseen forces of life.

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