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Tips for Working from Home Successfully

Working from home has its benefits and its draw backs.  No one can argue that the commute time is great when you work from home but the down side is, if you are not careful, people around you will tend to think you have lots of free time.

Working from home is not a new idea but in recent years there has been a rise in the number of individuals who do.  This can be attributed to a rise in entrepreneurs, the current increase in the cost of gas, the frustration of sitting in traffic and the tools now available which make working from home feasible & practical.

To successfully understand how to work from home, you must train yourself and those around you to realize that there are times in the day when you are obligated to work.  You must provide the same caliber of work that you would have done, had you gone into an office.

When I first started working from home, I found that those I knew thought I was their shopping and running around buddy.  I had a problem saying no, which I quickly lost as my work got backlogged and I was up late at night trying to complete it.

Time management is a critical skill needed when you are learning how to work from home.  It is so easy to spend time doing other things and procrastinating because you feel you have lots of time because you are no longer commuting.  Treat your work time with respect and so will others.

A tool which really helped me manage my time better was a day planner.  Unlike most people, I prefer the non-digital method.  The reason for this is a tried a digital organizer and could not retrieve what I needed, when I needed it because the battery was dead.  It was my fault the battery was not changed but I need a tool which I can count on at all times, even if I forget to change the battery.  For me an old fashion day planner is a great planning tool.  Which ever you chose, digital or non-digital, a day planner is a very useful tool.

Another important tool is an e-fax.  It allows me to get faxes no matter where I am as long as I have access to my e-mail.  This tool makes it possible for you to go on vacation and still monitor your business.

Setting your work schedule & letting everyone know it is a must.  Post the hours somewhere in your office and make sure they are honored.

Lastly, being able work at home in your pajamas is great, but doing so will not help you project the idea that you are a professional at work.  May I suggest that you at least change into comfortable clothes, and groom yourself before entering your home office?  If you respect the place and your time, so will others.

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