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Meditation & Journaling

the momentJournaling and meditation are a dynamic duo in my opinion.   The time you spend meditating may drastically reduce the time you spend stressing about things in your life.  It is during your quiet times that it is possible to get answers to every situation in your life.  Your quiet times make it easier for you to hear the still small voice of God.

Add journaling to your meditation and you have a powerful combination for success. Many times during my quiet times, I have gotten ideas, answers to questions and solution to situations.  Until I began keeping a record of the insights given to me during these times, I often forgot them once the time ended.  Journaling makes it possible for me to reference when answers came, how long it took to implement an idea, and it also provides a place to keep information on my inspired ideas until I can complete them.

I must confess, I do forget to journal sometimes, but I am working on it.  Do you journal, and has it been beneficial?


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