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Food For Thought -Keep Moving Forward, Your Destiny Awaits

Moving forward3So often, on the journey of life, the trials and tribulations we experience can cause us to become wary and think of giving up.  What we must keep in mind is that our future is in front of us not behind.  Each step we take forward, moves us one step closer to our destiny and away from our past.  Every journey begins with a step, either forward or backward, which will you choose?

Food For Thought


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Even when it seems things are not changing,  they are.  Keep moving forward because all journeys begin with a step, and you will not arrive at your destination if you stop.

I have found it is better to wake each day and say wow, look at what is happening in my life, instead of saying how did this happen in my life.  Each day seems to build on the other, and before I know it, I have achieved a goal and moving on to the next goal.

The difference between the two statements is in the first suggests;  I am proactive while the second statement suggests I only react to life.

Finally realizing I was the co-creator of my life was liberating.  I was not a victim, but I had the power to create the life I wanted.  That knowledge has made life a much more fun and interesting adventure.

So, do you agree being proactive in life is better than being reactive?

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