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Goals & An Action Plan

office-76Achieving your goals with an action plan.  

To achieve anything in life, you must take action.  The previous statement seems obvious, but many people fail to achieve their goals because they failed to take action.  Often times, they are waiting on things to be perfect or they put their goals on hold to help others achieve theirs.  There is nothing wrong in helping others achieve their goals, if it does not prevent you from achieving yours.

Putting your goals to paper, is the first step to achieving them.  It seems that writing down your goals and reviewing them daily, makes it more likely you will pursue them.  Your written goals gives you a benchmark to aid in your decision making process.  Whenever you have a decision to make, if your goals are written, it is likely that you will consider how your actions will affect you achieving a specific goal.

But if you only write down your goals, and never develop any steps to achieve them, chances are you won’t.  That is why an action plan is important.

Simply put, an action plan is a strategic series of steps you need to take to move you toward your goals instead of away from them.  For each goal, write one or two things you can do now.   It may be making a call, doing research, starting a new program, taking a class, adding a new positive habit or eliminating negative influences, just to name a few.  Then once they are completed, you write new steps until you achieve your goal.

Every journey begins with a first step and each small action you take toward your goals will lead you closer to achieving them.

Advice from an Expert – Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey shares with us on something all successful people must do to succeed in life.

Have you jumped lately?


Food For Thought – Life

When you reflect on your life, do you say “Wow, look at the life I have built” or do you say “Wow, what happened to my life.  How did I get here?”  The following video may give you some new insights about this journey we call LIFE, & how to make the most of it..

Are you building the life of your dreams?

Motivational Moment – Believe in You & Your Dreams


Do you believe?

Food For Thought -Keep Moving Forward, Your Destiny Awaits

Moving forward3So often, on the journey of life, the trials and tribulations we experience can cause us to become wary and think of giving up.  What we must keep in mind is that our future is in front of us not behind.  Each step we take forward, moves us one step closer to our destiny and away from our past.  Every journey begins with a step, either forward or backward, which will you choose?

Be Grateful for the Small Stuff

Being grateful for the small stuff will signal the universe to bring the big stuff.  I am constantly being amazed at just how much the universe wants to bring you your desire, if you will let it.  The trick is to not despise the small beginnings and rejoice at every manifestation.

If you ask the universe for more money and you find a penny five minuets later, be grateful.  The penny is the first installment.  Thank the universe and keep on the look out for opportunities for more money to come into your life.

If you  reject the penny, you are telling the universe you really did not want more money.   By picking up the penny, you are a penny richer than you were before, and by rejoicing, you are telling the universe you are grateful for the increase.

If you get an inspired idea, jot it done and start working on it as soon as possible.

Remember, ask for what you want-be specific and leave how it manifests to the universe.  Celebrate the small stuff & watch the big stuff manifest!

Abundant Thinking!

As we journey to manifesting the life of our dreams, it is important to remember that, the thoughts we think have the potential to become our reality.   Therefore, it is very important for us to monitor what we think about on a daily basis! Why you may ask?  Good question.  It is because the thoughts we think, determines our speech, which in turn determines our actions and ultimately or experiences.  This post we will add the second component, speech.

If  you think and speak lack, you will ultimately experience lack.   If you think and speak abundance you will ultimately experience abundance.  Let me explain.  A person who thinks and speaks lack, is a negative thinker.  Negative thinkers, never see opportunities.  They make excuses.  Inaction is their friend.

An abundant thinker and speaker on the other hand, looks for and usually finds opportunities, even in what others would call a problem.  Their outlook on life is can do and will do.  To them life is filled with possibilities and quitting is not an option.  They are action oriented.

In our last post we discussed the fact that our thoughts are vibrations and these vibrations attract corresponding events into our lives.  Another term for vibration is energy or vibe.  Let’s take a closer look.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt a sad energy/vibe or a dangerous energy/vibe?  Have you ever been around someone who just exuded confidence and you felt energized around them?   These are examples of vibrations being sent forth.

To attract the life you want, you must send out the appropriate vibrations.  If you want abundance, you must speak and act abundantly.  Now I am not suggesting you get yourself in debt trying to keep up with the Jones.  What I am say is remove negative statements like, “I can’t afford it” , “It is too expensive”, and “I am broke”  from your speech, just to name a few.

Instead, if you want to purchase some thing and the money is not presently there, say “I am temporarily low in funds”. This implies you will not be broke forever, only temporarily.  As as you repeat this statement, you are reprogramming  your mind not to think negatively.

Your mind is a powerful tool and if used correctly, it will aid you in achieving our goals.  Below are some tools to help you reprogram your mind to think and speak abundantly.

abc achieving winners mindsetAchieving a winner’s Mindset-from business tools Click here

abundant thinking cover-loyatypays        Abundant Thinking    Click here to download

Be Aware of Your Thoughts!

On your journey to finding and living your purpose, be careful what you think about.  What you think about on a consistent basis has the potential to become your reality.  Thoughts are energy!

Have you ever walked into a room and felt the anger, tension, or joy of others in the room?  Without saying a word, most people can convey  feelings of joy, anger or fear.  The thoughts they are thinking have become energy capable of being felt by those around them.

The energy you emit into the world, returns back to you.  Negative energy tends to attract negative events.  Positive energy tend to attract positive events.  If you consistently think lack, you will remain in lack.  If you think prosperity, eventually, you will experience it.  Stop saying things like “I can’t afford it’.  Instead, say “I am temporarily low in funds”.  The second statement tells the universe & others that your current situation is not going to be permanent.

As simplistic as it may seem, you are able to change your life by changing the thoughts you think, which leads to the words you speak!  Remember the Bible says “As a man thinks so is he”  What are you thinking about yourself and your life?


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