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Motivational Moment!

never too late

Have you ever felt like life went on without you.  You wake up one day  and it seems years have gone by in a blink of an eye.

The dreams you had for your life were packed away for a later day, which never came.   You are now older and those you cared for are gone.  Now What?

Find those dreams.  Dust them off, and start the next phase of your life.   Take baby steps if you must but take steps.  Every journey begins with a first step.

The only time it is too late to pursue your dreams is when you have taken your last breath.  You are never too old to go after your dreams!  You might be a little late in starting but better late than never!

Congratulations to my friend Nancy who went after her dreams and received her college diploma last Sunday!!

Advice from an Expert – Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey shares with us on something all successful people must do to succeed in life.

Have you jumped lately?


Advice from an Expert- Brian Tracy “Setting Goals”

In this video, Brian Tracy shares 5 myths about setting goals.

With the new year quickly approaching, have you set any goals and developed a plan to achieve them?  Do you believe that setting goals and creating a plan to achieve them are key elements in being successful?  Please share.

Habits of Successful People (Writing Goals)

In the next few posts, I  will  be discussing the habits of successful people.   There is no order of importance because each habit plays a role in a successful person’s life.

The first habit is, setting goals to paper.  Successful people not only have goals, but their goals are written.  This allows for the development of  a clear picture of what they want.

Goals give focus & focus is important because too often things occur which may hinder a person from reaching his or her goal.  Having them written, they become a reference guide.

Decisions can now be made based on whether or not a certain action will lead toward or from the desired goal.

Think about this, how will you know when you have arrived, if you do not know where you are going.  Goals give to direction.  They give you a starting point.  Goals give definition to your purpose.

Goals are not engraved in stone once they are made, they are just a written representation of something you would like to have or achieve.  As you work towards achieving them, you will most likely grow and change.  So from time to time reexamine each goal to make sure it is still in line with the life you want to create.

You Found Your Purpose, Now What!

It is time to plan, plan, plan.   Discovering your reason for being can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time.  Having a plan helps to keep you focused and is your guide when decisions have to be made.  Each decision will be evaluated against the big picture-outlined in your plan,  to determine if  the option will aid in the achievement of the ultimate goal or will it hinder it.

Whether it is a vision/purpose for your business or your personal life, a plan is a helpful tool.  For a business, you would create a business plan & for your personal life, you wold create a vision board.  The plan should list the smaller goals you wish to achieve on your journey to attaining your life’s purpose.

For me a vision for your life or your business is equal to the purpose for you or your business.  A goal is the smaller step  needed to achieve your purpose.  Setting goals helps make attaining you purpose more manageable.

So how do you develop a plan you may ask?  Examine your vision/purpose  and ask yourself what are the steps needed to get there.  Once you determine the steps, you now have your goals.  For each step/goal, develop an action plan for achieving it.

For example, if you want to get healthy, and then help others to do the same, your first goal may be to find a program that works for you.  If you could not find one then you may consider developing one based on your current knowledge.  Once you have the program, your next step/goal would be to work it until you became healthy.  After reaching your goal of being healthy, next goal would be to develop a program to help others.  A vision board is a great tool to help motivate & keep you on your journey.  Putting your goals & visions/purpose to paper, in some form, makes it more likely to be achieved.

Please keep in mind that along your journey to realizing your purpose, you may need to re-examine your goals & make any needed adjustments to ensure they are moving you in the direction you want.

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