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How To Have A Mentor On A Budget

On the journey to creating the life desired, having a mentor is very beneficial.  A mentor has knowledge which can shorten your journey significantly.

When we think of a mentor, most of us think of a living person sharing their wisdom with us, to help guide us to victory at a substantial cost.  But a mentor can also be someone  who has left a body of work for us to use to obtain their knowledge.  People who have been successful and helped others achieve their goals, are the people whose work we can examine to learn the secrets of success.

Some such people are Napoleon Hill, Neville Goddard, Florence Shinn, Charles F. Haanel & Wallace Wattles just to name a few.  Each taught success principles using varying techniques  but they all had a few things in common. They all believed that you experience in life, what you think and say about yourself daily with emotion.  They also believed in order to achieve your goal, it must be clearly stated.

Some of the books of the above named authors may be found in the public domain, thus  reducing the cost of obtaining their knowledge drastically.  Their work is also offered in audio form on YouTube, another budget friendly venue.  Search their names on either platform to obtain a complete list of their work.

I would suggest the following as must reads:

Napoleon Hill- “Think and Grow Rich” and  “The Law of Success in Seventeen Lessons”

Neville Goddard – “Your Faith Is Your Fortune”  Also check out this website dedicated to his work & writings.

Florence Shinn – “The Game of Life & How to Play It

Charles F. Haanel – “The Master Key System”  You an get a copy of this book at The Secrect TV under the advance tab.

Wallace Wattles- “The Science Of Getting Rich”  You an get a copy of this book at The Secrect TV under the intermediate tab.  A list of other authors (potential mentors) and their work can also be found there.



What Is Occupying Your Space?

Purpose Is something occupying space in your life that the thing you desire should occupy?  Too often we seek new things for our lives but refuse to make room for them.  We think that when it comes, then we will make room.  The problem with that rationale is we are running the risk of our desire never showing up.

For example, if you want to meet your soulmate, you must have room for him or her in your life.  If a Mr. or Ms. Wrong is occupying your space, a Mr. or Ms. Right will not know you are seeking them.  If you want success in life but occupy your time doing unsuccessful things, success will not know you are seeking it.

Instead of having the space occupied with something you don’t want, focus on preparing for what you do want and keep the space empty so your desire can show up when the time is right.

The Mind

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I have found that the mind is the battleground for success or failure.  If you think you will succeed, you most likely will, and if you think you won’t succeed, you most likely won’t.

In a nutshell, victories are first won in the mind, then they materialized in the world! Checkout my post on “Abundant Thinking” for more on this topic.

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