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Advice from an Expert – Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey shares with us on something all successful people must do to succeed in life.

Have you jumped lately?


Why Is My Life Not Improving?

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The reason you keep getting results you don’t like in life is because you are responding to the world with the same programing.  You must reprogram yourself to think and act as the person you want to become to change your life.

For example, if you wanted to be promoted on your job, you would begin dressing for the part as much as appropriately possible.  You would act the part as appropriately possible.  You would arrive early to work and stay a little later.  You would know your job inside out and learn as much as possible about the job you seek.  You would return on time from breaks and be a problem solver.  You would also be willing to change companies if needed.

Your thoughts determine your actions.  Change your thoughts and you will change your life because your  behavior  will change.

Meditating, reading motivational books, watching inspirational and motivational shows are some ways to help you reprogram your mind.  Study and learn about the things that are important to you.  Become an expert.   Reprogram yourself to become the person you want to be.

Stay away from anything negative.  Negativity will hold you back and keep you from your dreams.

Decide who you want to be in life and then start reprogramming your mind to become it.

Why Am I Attracting The Things I Don’t Want?

In a word focus!  What you focus on is what materializes into your life. Most people unfortunately, spend most of their day focusing on what they don’t want  in their lives instead of what they do want in their lives.  When I discovered that bit of knowledge, it empowered me.

I realized that by changing the thoughts I pondered daily, I would change my life.  Wow!  Now it was not easy in the beginning,  I  struggled to not worry about the issues I was facing and instead focus on the end result I wanted.  I began paying close attention to the thoughts I allowed to enter my mind and whenever a negative thought appeared, I tried not to mull it over and to replace it quickly with the positive outcome I wanted.

Slowly I began to see changes.  Positive things began happening more & more in my life.  My thoughts are less negative and when a negative thought shows up, I instinctively change it to a positive one.  I also feel less stressed.  Focusing on the positive, is bringing more positive things into my life.

So, how has your focus  affected your life?  Please share.

Be Aware of Your Thoughts!

On your journey to finding and living your purpose, be careful what you think about.  What you think about on a consistent basis has the potential to become your reality.  Thoughts are energy!

Have you ever walked into a room and felt the anger, tension, or joy of others in the room?  Without saying a word, most people can convey  feelings of joy, anger or fear.  The thoughts they are thinking have become energy capable of being felt by those around them.

The energy you emit into the world, returns back to you.  Negative energy tends to attract negative events.  Positive energy tend to attract positive events.  If you consistently think lack, you will remain in lack.  If you think prosperity, eventually, you will experience it.  Stop saying things like “I can’t afford it’.  Instead, say “I am temporarily low in funds”.  The second statement tells the universe & others that your current situation is not going to be permanent.

As simplistic as it may seem, you are able to change your life by changing the thoughts you think, which leads to the words you speak!  Remember the Bible says “As a man thinks so is he”  What are you thinking about yourself and your life?


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