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Is Someone Waiting On You?


Have you every stopped and imagined what your life would be like without, Amazon, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft, Apple, & WordPress just to name a few?  Think about it for a moment.   How would the lack of any one of them affect  your life, your business?  What if those who started these businesses allowed fear to stop or delay them and they were not available today?  What would that mean for you , your life, and your business?

I can say for me, it would have a profound effect.  I would not be able to do what I do, without many of them and other modern technologies.  Each Company represents a gift someone shared with the world.  What gift are you not sharing?  Someone may be waiting on you, to share your gift, so they can express their gift.

You may say what I have to share is already out there.  Maybe so, but not done as only you can!  When people give me the excuse that someone has already done it, I like to remind them that “Famous Amos did not invent the chocolate chip cookie”.  He put his spin on it and made his own version.  The same applies to your gift.  Only you can give the world your spin on it.

Please share your thoughts.

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